Our rig came with a Splendide 2000 WD802M washer/dryer combo. Which is great since my wife was always tired of carting loads of laundry around the campground and finding rolls of quarters for the machines. 🙂 It’s a decent machine. Splendide has a newer model, but this is the one we have. I think even

In the last installment, I covered my process for removing and repairing the sections of rotted subfloor. So, the next day, I went ahead and finished the job. My goal was to complete all subfloor prep and have the rig ready to accept the new flooring. So, the first thing I did was to finish

At this point in my reflooring project, it was time to repair some rot spots on the subfloor. The problem wasn’t too bad. It was mainly in a few spots along the edge near the walls. Namely… Passenger side, front. There was a leak issue with this rig with the previous owner. I think the

In the last video, I began the process of removing that pesky laminate wood flooring in order to make way for the new vinyl planks. On this day, I finished the job. I had to finish removing the laminate in the bathroom area. And yes, it was a lot of work just like the day

Up to this point in the project, the jury was still out on whether I was going to pull the laminate flooring or not. The problem was that I didn’t know how it was attached. If there was a lot of adhesive under there, then pulling it would be a total nightmare and I’d rather

On my second day working on reflooring our motorhome, I drove the rig home so that I could plug into the electric. Then, I went to town on pulling the carpet up from the rest of the rig. At this point, all the carpet is up except for the doghouse cover, a little section right

So, the job on hand right now is reflooring the motorhome. And that starts with pulling up the old carpet. As I mentioned in my last post, our motorhome is a 2002. And after 16 years, you can imagine what the carpet looked like. 🙂 Yeah, it wasn’t good. So, starting in the back bedroom,

As I write this post, the remodeling has already begun. The rig is torn apart. 🙂 But, I decided to document what I was doing on video as I went. This video shows what the rig looked like before I did anything. Our motorhome is a 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. It is a great rig

While we don’t full-time at this point, we do spend far more time in our RV than most people our age. We’re free to do that because of the nature of my work. I have been an online entrepreneur for 19 years now. So, when we’re in these campgrounds in the middle of a work

Motorhomes are reliable. Reliable in that something will break almost every time you take it out on an extended trip. I’ve learned to just roll with it. It used to stress me out, but… why bother? Plus, when you think about it, obviously if something is going to break, it’ll be when you’re out having