Last I checked in here on the blog, we were in Little Rock, Arkansas and weathering some insanely hot temperatures. From there, we continued west through Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, New Mexico… to where we sit now in Durango, Colorado. And yes, it is MUCH nicer here. Currently 86 degrees, low humidity. The wife is

We left on our big summer trip out west on Wednesday. I decided not to take I-10 this time, but instead to head up to Atlanta, then catch I-20 and, ultimately, I-40 west. We were grabbing one-nighters the whole way. Not driving particularly far each day. I’ve never been a fan of driving very long

It is a rare motorhome owner, most likely, that seeks to replace their furniture. After all, it isn’t a cheap thing to do and the financial ROI simply isn’t there. When it comes to used motorhomes and trailers, almost all of them have the exact same furniture they were built with. But, the ones built

We’re about to embark on our longest RV trip yet. Here’s the plan…

While I still have some things to do for our remodeling, I am at a point where I can call this reflooring project essentially complete. So, I thought I’d make a nice wrap up post here. How much did I end up spending on the job? How long did it take? And… am I happy

In the final video in this series on reflooring the RV, we bring the project to a close. After installing the carpeting, I still had some things to do to wrap things up. Namely… Install quarter round trim around the edges of the vinyl plank flooring. Install transition pieces at the end of the carpet

The next phase in our reflooring project was to install the new carpet. Unfortunately, I had a deadline pending (a campground reservation) and I really had to finish this project. So, I just buckled down and did it and didn’t record any video. I did, however, take some photos! So, I’m going to now walk

Once I had all the vinyl planks installed, it was time to install carpeting in the front cockpit and the rear. However, before I do that, I wanted to take the opportunity to put some additional sound dampening up front. This is just a nice little upgrade to do while there’s no floor in there.

Reader’s Note: It has been over a month since my last update on my reflooring project. I had a few people email me asking what happened. 🙂 I had to rush a bit to finish the job for a camping reservation, so I ended up busting it out without worrying too much about recording videos.

My motorhome rides on a Workhorse W22 chassis. I honestly don’t know if what I’m about to say applies to other chassises. It may. You’ll need to do your own research. I first noticed the issue while driving on a bumpy road up in Canada between Montreal and Quebec City. I went to engage the