The installation process for getting all the flat-tow hardware installed on the CR-V. I hired it done. Here’s how it worked out (with photos).

I hired a Florida detailing business to wash, wax and buff my RV. Here are the results. Is it worth hiring out? You’re damn right. 🙂

After talking to several hitch installers in the area, I made the final decisions on the hardware to flat-tow my CR-V behind the RV. Here’s what I bought, and how I saved about $600 doing it.

With a 2012 Honda CR-V as my future tow vehicle (or “toad”), it was now time to figure out how to prep it up for towing. So, we enter the research phase. Here’s the options I found and where I’m currently leaning…

Do we got the cheaper route and put our car on a tow dolly? Or spend the extra money and flat tow with all 4 wheels down? Here is the point-by-point comparison.

There is always that decision at the beginning: Tow a car or just keep it simple and leave it behind? Here’s how we arrived at our decision…

As 2016 began, I was in full-on RV upgrade mode. And once I make a decision, I usually act quickly. 🙂 Since 2013, we had a 1996 Coachman Santara – Class A. It was a nice motorhome for us. Served us well. But, it lacked many of the conveniences we wanted, chief among them slide-outs.

My wife is cool. One of the many reasons I say that is because she lets me go out camping in the RV alone periodically. 🙂 Perhaps every 2-3 months, I go out for a little one-nighter somewhere. I do some business planning, some unwinding. And I am grateful that I’m able to put a

Some RV parks are all about location, location, location. And very little else. Liberty Harbor RV Park is one such place. We visited this park in summer of 2015. We drove into town from Lancaster, PA (our prior stop). I didn’t know what to expect driving an RV anywhere near Manhattan. You hear so many

In the summer of 2014, I took my family on a 3-week RV trip. 3 weeks on the road with a family of 4. Not exactly the cheapest thing to do, right? Well, as we were camping on the side of the Atlantic Ocean on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I thought I would