RV Family Travel is a blog for RV enthusiasts and anybody who loves RV camping.

My name is David Risley. Welcome!

While even the retired RV owner will find value on this site, we're not retired. My wife and I work an online business, which has given us quite a lot of flexibility (and, of course, the finances) to travel and use our motorhome more than most active families. We're not full-timers. You could call us... half-timers. 🙂  As my brother has said to me, we camp like it's our job. 🙂

RV Family Travel is brand new, but is being built up to be a site for RV enthusiasts - both current and inspired. While inspired by my own love of RV camping and traveling around with my family, I also am building this site to be a resource for other RVers - and those looking to do it.

This site is also a partner site to the Blog Marketing Academy. I have been an online entrepreneur for 18 years now and today The Academy is my primary business. It is also what enables me to use the RV as often as we do and not have it sit in storage unused for months at a time.


More About David

My wife (Malika) and I have two young kids and we live in the Tampa Bay area. 18 years ago, I began an online business and... while things have evolved quite a bit over the years, I still work full-time online.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can clearly remember sitting in school when I was a kid. Looking out the window. Seeing the cars going by on the street outside. And thinking...

Those people were so lucky!

Why? Because they were out there and FREE. While I was stuck inside the classroom.

Now, obviously I grew up. And I realized those people weren't necessarily free. They had day jobs that they felt stuck in, too. But, even at an early age, I wanted to be able to live life on my own terms. I didn't want to have to be anywhere I didn't want to.

This Is A Big Reason I Prefer The Freedom Of An RV​

Like many young families, we have some of the trappings of "regular life". We have a house, a mortgage. 2 cars. But, for me, the RV is a way to be ultra-portable. I look at it as a "second home".... one that just  happens to have wheels on it and I can park it wherever I want.

This didn't just come to me one day.​ I grew up around RVs. The first RV I traveled in with my parents was an old 70's 19-foot Tioga. Hard to believe we fit a family of 4 in that thing. Through most of my childhood, my family owned a motorhome. Much of the rest of my family did as well. I remember fondly doing family camping at Fort DeSoto park (in St. Petersburg, FL) where much of my extended family would rent sites next to each other and we'd tandem camp for several days. Good times!

But, fast forward to adulthood.

In 2013, I purchased my first personal RV. It was a 1996 Coachman Santara - Class A. It was in really nice shape and the prior owner was former military, so he took damn good care of it. We took that RV all over the place, and I got to expose my family to RV travel. We took it up to Maine and back - and a ton of places in between.

More recently in 2016, I went for an upgrade. The lack of slideouts - and some other things - led me to upgrade the RV earlier than I would have otherwise. But, it was worth it.

Today, we travel in a 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. It literally crosses every checkbox for us that the Coachman didn't. 

Our second home... which happens to have wheels.

So, we're not full-timers. We don't own a super-expensive diesel pusher.

We work hard. And we camp hard.

It is a lot of freakin' fun. I enjoy it. And especially given what I do for a living, I thought creating a blog for this part of my life might be a fun thing to do.

So welcome. 🙂

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