Breaking the Silence

I’m not dead.

COVID didn’t get me.

I still own an RV. ????

In fact, I’m doing just fine. But yes, it has now been over a year since I posted anything to this blog. And here I am breaking my silence.

And letting you know what I’m thinking here with regard to HappilyRV.

What Happened?

Life happened.

See, I own and operate an online business – Blog Marketing Academy. My work with that business is pretty full-time. It is also what pays our bills.

I spend a lot of time on that business. I enjoy it. Plus, I know what I’m doing over there. The site has a very clear purpose.

This site has always been a side hustle. It is a hobby. Not one that gets much of my time.

Not only that, it makes no money right now (perhaps I will solve that issue at some point ???? ). And…

I have been rather unclear what to do with this site.

A lot of RV blogs out there seem to be… travel journals. People documenting their travels and basically creating a big lifestyle blog.

We are not full-timers. Not only that, we have no intentions of going full-time. We own a house in Florida and we like having a “sticks and bricks”. We like to travel, but right now we just don’t have the desire to travel full-time in our motorhome.

When you’re not traveling a lot, what the hell do you talk about? ????

And let’s be real…

When the RV is sitting in storage more than normal because of this whole COVID-19 pandemic thing, then really…. what the hell do you talk about? ????

I’ve always thought that I should do something legit with this site. Given what I do for a living, I know that if I put the time and intention into this site that it requires, I could build it up into a thing. But, it has always been a matter of figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Here’s My Thinking (As Of Now)

I have decided to resurrect this site. Again.

In fact, I just went “live” with a whole new design here based on Thrive Theme Builder.

I have decided to make a project out of increasing the traffic to this site by 10X. Actually, more like about 13X since I’m shootin’ for an average of 1,000 views daily right now as an interim goal.

I am going to document the “behind the scenes” happenings of this project as the 10X Blog Traffic Challenge… over on my main site, Blog Marketing Academy.

I will not talk about blogging and all that here. No point. I already have a place for that. So…

What am I going to do with HappilyRV as I try to 10X the traffic?

Not everything is planned out there. Not even close. But, right now I am leaning toward creating a resource site aimed toward RV owners. One where we talk about matters relevant to anybody who owns an RV. Things like maintenance, upgrades, travel advice, etc.

In other words, make this a site where people can learn about stuff they can actually use. Not another RV lifestyle travel journal site. There’s enough of that.

I did this before. My first business was a large blog about computers and technology. I turned that blog into a major resource and, yes, made a bunch of money with it. The site was heavy on tutorials and things people could use. It was not about… me. And that’s similar to what I have in mind here with Happily RV.

I also envision that I will not be the only writer here. I have things to say. I obviously have my own experience and knowledge about RVing. But, I don’t know everything. I’m not an RV maintenance expert. So, I am going to be an author and curator here. More on that later.

So, that’s the scoop!

Some more things will adjust and move around on this site for a bit while I get some more stuff implemented and find my footing.

In the meantime, maybe I can find a campground locally to take the rig out to. Our usual big summer trip blew up in our faces because of all the COVID madness. So, we’re here in Florida still. Sweating. But, I’ll get out there in the next week or two. Somewhere. ????

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  1. L Lee Parmeter says:

    At 85 and over 400K miles behind the steering wheel of 11 motorhome, I still enjoy the open road and look forward to the hill or curve in the road. RV’ing under these conditions is a complex set of variables. The secret is as alway the 3 “P’s” Patience,, Perseverance and Placidity. I was born and raised in a Tear Drop so I learned well

  2. Mary L Pulaskey says:

    Welcome back. We all experience life changes. We just keep going.


    We were travelling ,van style, quite a bit from N.S. to CALIFORNIA with a lot of stops in between. Like you COVID and the TRUMP has stopped all that and will look forward to anything that you might want to send out!

  4. Denise Hyslop says:

    Yes, agreed a resource site is good. Would love to travel more too, it is our escape not what we do full time. Let’s go!

  5. Thanks for the explanation David. I like to give everyone a second chance. My only concern is that you have mentioned a few times that you are NOT full time. I am full time since November 2019. So, I am wondering if you can keep my interest? So, I’ll give you a go and if things dont pan out, I can always axe you later! ????

    1. That’s the spirit. 😉

      What I have in mind here is more of a resource site, not a travel journal. So, I don’t think it will be some time-sensitive on me traveling around.

  6. John Frederiksen says:

    Sweating here isn’t the word! For the last 4 days here in Ocala when I’ve check around 3 to 4 PM we’ve had a heat index of 110 or more as I have an indoor out door thermometer that also read relative and a button I can push to give the heat index. This northern boy stands still at 75 degrees and sweats. I can’t begin to tell you how bad I sweat at 90+ degrees but after 15 to 30 minutes my clothes look like I just got out of the shower with them on. I’ve shown my wife how wet they were by wringing the sweat out of my shirt, pants, underwear and each sock.

    1. Haha. Yeah, its a scorcher. I’m originally from Florida, though, so it isn’t so bad for me. But, the last few days with the Sahara sand floating in the air has made things hotter than normal. Even by Florida standards.

  7. Glad you’re back and staying healthy..

      1. I hope you can continue your reporting. I have been looking at a couple HR Vacationer’s (an ’02and an ’04). Your videos are very well done and have given me valuable info in helping me as I make my decision. Good luck and stay healthy.

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