July 10

Tour of Our 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer After 4 Years Of Ownership [Video]


4 years ago, I made a short tour video of our 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. At the time, I had only owned it for a few months and I hadn't done much to it.

As of today, I have now owned this rig for about 4.5 years. During that time, I've done quite a bit to it.

So, I thought it was time to update the tour! 🙂

So, I was in a local campground with the rig and I took the opportunity to record an updated tour.

4.5 Year Log Of Everything I've Done To This Motorhome

I keep an online log of every single thing I do to this motorhome. And here's the full history of what I have personally done to this rig in the last 4.5 years...

Purchased Jan 2016

  • New entry steps installed by dealer

February 2016

  • Flushed and cleaned holding tanks
  • Replaced serpentine belt
  • Replaced black water valve
  • Replaced oil cooling lines on engine
  • Replaced cooling fans on front of engine
  • Inspected and sealed roof

March 2016

  • Installed all new tires
  • Replaced missing refrigerator handle

May 2016

  • Installed hitch for towing
  • Exterior waxed

July 2016

  • New starter motor
  • Fuel line repair on generator
  • Replaced gasket seal under toilet
  • Replaced shower faucet

Dec 2016

  • Oil change
  • Generator service
  • Replaced engine knock sensors
  • Installed fans in fridge stack
  • Awning maintenance
  • Tightened fittings for fridge, ensured draining properly
  • Replaced front rotors and pads
  • Repair hub leak front driver side

January 2017

  • Replaced slideout control board
  • Replaced house battery

March 2017

  • Inspected and sealed roof
  • Sealed along awning rail with tape
  • Replaced rusty screws on exterior body
  • Conditioned rubber seals around slides

May 2017

  • Installed new Koni FSD shocks
  • Had the front tires aligned, balanced and trued
  • Replaced rear televison

July 2017

  • Replaced slide toppers
  • Flushed water heater
  • Cleaned roof AC units

August 2017

  • Replaced right-side exhaust manifold donut gasket
  • Tune up (new spark plugs and wires)
  • Replaced Ventline fan blade in bathroom
  • Sealed bottom of shower enclosure with caulk
  • Replaced kitchen faucet
  • Replaced bathroom faucet
  • Replaced all cabinet and door handles

September 2017

  • Replaced Holiday Rambler decal on front grill

December 2017

  • Replaced mattress
  • Replaced gasket around doghouse
  • Replaced part of gasket seal in basement door, slide out.
  • Oil change. 43292 odometer.
  • Installed Roadmaster rear anti-sway bar
  • Installed Safe-t-Plus steering stabilizer
  • Replaced both A/C shrouds and installed new filters

January 2018

  • Replaced 2 glass panes which were fogged
  • Installed rock guard brush on rear bumper

February 2018

  • Replaced main awning
  • Fix 3 brass reading lights so they all work
  • Replace front headlights (one had water in it)
  • Paint above awning to make it look better
  • Replace fridge vent cover
  • Reseal shower skylight

March 2018

  • Generator oil change 866 hours
  • Replaced several bulbs, including rear brake light
  • Caulk shower, reseal cold water connection on shower faucet

April 2018

  • Pulled up all carpet, laminate wood flooring in preparation for new flooring
  • Repaired few areas of rotted subfloor.
  • Fixed cruise control by adjusting brake light switch
  • Built stand to help support weight of washer/dryer

May 2018

  • Polyeurethane coating on subfloor (2 coats)
  • Installed vinyl plank flooring, trim molding
  • Installed new carpet
  • Repair loose ladder, broken supports

June 2018

  • Repaired side panel fiberglass damage over rear wheel
  • Installed new furniture
  • Installed new carpet binding on the slideout.

July 2018

  • Buffed out oxidation from exterior fiberglass
  • Transmission fluid change (46,700 miles)
  • Oil Change
  • Wired fans in fridge stack with manual switch
  • Changed air filter to NAPA Gold 6316 - 49,003 miles
  • Removed and cleaned MAF Sensor - 49,003 miles

August 2018

  • Replaced fuel filter. 49,500 miles
  • Replaced generator fuel pump, fuel filter. - 900 hours

December 2018

  • Oil change
  • Replaced chassis battery

March 2019

  • Replace outer hub gaskets, rear, both sides
  • Top off differential fluid

May 2019

  • Change out the washer/dryer with a Splendide 2100XC

July 2019

  • Buff exterior fiberglass
  • Replace convex mirror, passenger side mirror (bottom)
  • Replaced passenger side brake light bulb
  • Removed main slide topper (to be replaced with new version). Both springs were snapped.

August 2019

  • Replaced motor in entry steps
  • Replaced turning signal bulb, driver side
  • Flushed water heater

February 2020

  • Change oil on generator (965 hours)
  • Top off fluid in leveler system
  • Permanent install of Weboost Cell Signal Booster

June 2020

  • Install new slide-topper on main slideout
  • Greased the entry steps

July 2020

  • Replaced backup camera monitor in dashboard

A Few Of My Future Projects On Our Rig

RV ownership never leaves you alone. I've got a punch list. And sometimes it seems as if every time I use the rig, a few items get added to the list. 😉

But, coming up here, here's a few of the things I am currently planning to do:

  • Repaint the roof with Rustoleum Marine Topside paint.
  • Replace the Norcold cooling unit with the Amish-made alternative.
  • Possibly address the cracked decals on the side of the rig
  • Repair a hydroboost leak (it works fine, but leaks power steering fluid slowly. One of these days, I might as well fix it.)
  • Install new backsplash behind the stove and kitchen counter
  • Install a track-bar in the rear
  • Install a anti-sway bar on the front axle

That's it for now!

Since I've owned this motorhome, I have put about 22,000 miles on it. And even though the rig is over 18 years old now, I have no plans to sell it anytime soon.

Basically, I am a massive fan of used motorhomes. I am a strong believer in having no debt for the motorhome. I believe the older, used rigs are often better quality than the new ones. And other than a few style differences, the new rigs don't have much that I don't have. My camping and travel experience would be almost no different with a newer rig.

So, I'm happy with it! Happily RV, baby! 😉


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  • Hi David. Thanks for sharing your RV with us. 🙂 I wonder if you would share the costs associated with it. How much did you pay for the original purchase and how much were all of the repair/maintenance things that you did? My husband and I are doing lots of research to decide if an older motorhome might be for us (I hope so!!), but I have to be able to budget appropriately.
    Also, do you (or maybe someone on your blog) know where a complete novice can get some hands on ‘training’? Things like how to work with all the components of the motorhome, what to look for regarding potential problems, etc. I do have the pre-purchase inspection checklist (thank you!) but would like to get some hands on training before I even go to look at my first potential purchase. Did I mention I’m willing to pay for the training?? 😉 Did I also mention that I live in Florida (northeast)?
    Last, but not least, do you know any reputable RV inspectors?

  • My Norcold is set at 2 and keeps everything as cold as needed. No plans to change anything on it at this point. I really like the carpet in the cab area and the new floor in the main area. Good job!

    • You might be one of the lucky ones, or perhaps an entirely different model. Mine is the 1200 LRIM. But, Norcold is often called the “No Cold” for a reason. 🙂

  • Enjoyed your tour of your motorhome. We have a 2006 Winnebago and are also having problems with our “No cold” refrigerator as my hubby calls it. I am definitely interested in seeing your video on replacing it with the Amish alternative. Thanks for making these videos!

    • Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. I may pull the trigger and order that new unit in the next couple months. Never done something like that before so it will be a learning experience. 🙂

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