Shop4Seats RV Furniture – Followup Review After 2 Years Of Use

2 years ago, I did a big remodeling project to the interior of my 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. I put down all new flooring and replaced all the aging furniture.

I used Shop4Seats to get 2 new captain’s chairs, a new couch, and a new dinette booth. You can read my original Shop4Seats review here.

Now, here we are 2 years later.

We’ve taken several trips in the rig since I installed the new RV furniture, both long trips and short trips. So…

How is the furniture holding up?

Do we still like it after 2 years?

Is The Furniture Comfortable?

It gets the job done. The cushions they used are a little on the stiff side, but we’re not really too picky about it.

The captain’s chairs are totally fine and I have no issues driving for several hours in the chair.

The dinette booth seats are, likewise, fine.

If there’s one thing I would change, it would be with the couch. I probably would have preferred a more lush, softer feel to the couch. I would also love recliners, but that’s not something we could do since my son needs a place to sleep. We needed the sleeper sofa.

Is The Furniture Holding Up To Use?

Yes, it is.

We bought light-colored furniture since we felt it went better with the overall vibe of the interior. Obviously when you go with a light color, blemishes will show up easier. So, there are a few places where you can see little marks.

There is no cracking of the leather. No rips. A couple places where our cat’s claws dug in and made a little puncture, but you can barely see it. Overall, the leather is good quality.

The hardware is all working just as well as the day I installed it.

The Dinette Booth And “Bed Mode”

One issue that was definitely annoying to us is that the dinette booth did not turn into a bed without a hitch. That hitch is that…

The cushions don’t fit.

Usually, you put the backrest cushions down onto the table and all 4 cushions worth together to create a flat(ish) bed surface. The problem is…

The backrest cushions are too tall. So, when we fold the table down, there simply is not enough room there for both cushions. With only one cushion in place, there’s a gap of about 6 inches.

We were stuffing rolled up blankets and what not in there so that my daughter could sleep there. Now that she’s taller, she’s sleeping on a floor mattress so we don’t really use the dinette as a bed much anymore. But…

Be aware of this issue if you are buying a dinette booth from Shop4Seats and intend to use it as a bed.

I know booths come in different sizes and I have no idea if this is just par for the course for aftermarket RV furniture. But, this was not an issue we had with the old stuff that came in the motorhome originally.

So, Are We Happy With The Shop4Seats RV Furniture

Yes, definitely.

Is it perfect? No. Anytime you buy aftermarket furniture, it isn’t going to have quite the fitted feel of the original from the manufacturer.

But, this furniture certainly looks much nicer. It modernized the look of the interior quite a bit.

It is working quite nicely and we’re happy with the quality.

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