[Day 11] Traveling To Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground, Adirondacks

Day 11 was just a simple travel day. Headed up to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Camground of the Adirondacks. Of course, with the obligatory WalMart stop on the way there.

Yogi Bear campgrounds are known for being very family friendly with most amenities and this campground is no exception.

This campground has two nice pools, although the larger one wasn’t heated and was thus way too cold to get in. The other one had a nice big slide going into it and the kids really enjoyed it. There’s also other activities to do for kids.

We never did leave this campground to explore the area, so we don’t know how much there might have been to do around there. The campground was right next to the interstate, so you could definitely hear the road. Otherwise, the location was quite nice.

Oh, and in this video I made some commentary about the campfire wood regulations. I joked that there was some campfire lobby that made this rule where you couldn’t haul campfire wood more than 50 miles. I’m very well aware that the rule was put in place for a legitimate reason with bugs not being moved around. There have been issues with foreign insects getting moved around via this wood and causing issues in other areas. So, I do get it. That said, couldn’t they at least make the wood more affordable? $8.50 for 5 pieces of wood?!

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