[Day 20] Crossing Back into The U.S…. Into Maine.

I was clumsy enough to accidentally delete my high-def version of the Day 20 video, but luckily I was able to download a copy off of my Facebook page. It wasn’t full definition, but it saved me from having a day with no video.

Day 20 was the day we crossed back into the United States from Canada and down into Maine.

It was a gorgeous drive, but relatively stressing. Once we got into Maine, the roads were really bumpy with a lot of up and down driving. There wasn’t any danger to it, however as a guy who has spent a lot of time on this trip fixing stuff, every time the rig vibrated across those bumps I kept getting visions of things busting. 🙂

Plus, some of the inclines we had to go over were a bit steep. My rig is gas engine. She was fully loaded and I had a toad on the back. So, some of those hills on those two-lane roads had me pushing that thing up the hill barely able to break 20mph at high RPM.

This is just one of those things about gas engines. They simply don’t have the power that a diesel has.

But, she made it and we pulled into Balsam Woods campground, right smack in the middle of Maine.

And this is a beautiful campground. If we didn’t already have plans further south along the coast, I could have totally stayed here longer.

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