[Day 7] Traveling to Liberty Harbor RV Park & Biking In The State Park

On day 7, we left the DC area and traveled north into New York City. Specifically, to the Liberty Harbor RV Park.

This was our second stay in this park, only this time with a different RV. Last time, we had some issues with the campground electrical. Fuses kept blowing as AC’s were trying to keep the rigs cool. This time, we were pulling in with a 50-amp rig so we payed attention to where we were parked.

We got a 50-amp site and crossed our fingers that we wouldn’t have any electrical issues this time.

I won’t repeat myself too much about this RV park. You can read my prior review here.

I had somebody ask about the logistics of actually driving a big RV into this park. After all, New York City area is known for it’s traffic.

If you’re coming in on I-78, you’re going to want to get off at Grand St exit. This isn’t an exit you want to miss because your next one will be right before the Holland Tunnel plaza and you can’t take an RV through there.

At Grand Street, there is a loop you’ll need to make. You’ll take Center Street parallel to the internet, then you’re going to hook a left and go beneath the interstate, then you’ll be going the other direction on Merceles St. You’ll want to stay on the right because it’d be all too easy to find yourself back on the entrance ramp to I-78 heading back the other direction. Stay on Merceles and you’ll then hang a left on Grand Street and then stay on Grand all the way to Marin Blvd.

As you’d expect in this area, the streets aren’t large. You’ll be taking up the whole lane. Plus, you’ll be driving over potholes an sewer caps that will bounce the rig around.

As you drive into Liberty Harbor, the entrance area was under construction. Not sure how long that will remain, but it once again makes the ride a bumpy one.

Obviously, it is doable. People take RVs into this place all the time. But, pay attention and be aware of pedestrians. This is a busy area to be driving. Just be happy you’re not on the other side of the Hudson with your rig. 🙂

Lastly, if you have bikes with you, I’d highly recommend you ride over to Liberty State Park. It’s an easy ride over although you might need your GPS to guide you over there.

But, how often can you ride your bike with a New York City skyline? This is pretty much the only place you can do it. One of my favorite places to ride the bike.

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