[Day 10] Leaving NYC, Heading Up To Interlake RV Park

On day 10, we pulled out of Liberty Harbor RV Park and drove northbound out of the city. I took a rather roundabout path out of town so as to avoid any tunnels or excessive tolls.

If you travel up to this area, you need to be aware that your GPS may try to get you here using the Taconic State Parkway. Well, you can’t drive an RV on there due to low overpasses. I figured this out at the last minute and ended up having to make a creative U-turn through an emergency access road in the median. Super fun! 😉

But we landed at the Interlake RV Park.

This is a beautiful quiet park located in a nice wooded area. Very clean. Strong wifi. All amenities.

We could tell that many people came to this park and stayed longer term. And I could totally see the attraction to it. After being in urban locations since the beginning of this trip, I thought it was almost a shame that we were only using Interlake as an overnighter.

But, we enjoyed some quiet time.

And our first campfire of the trip. 🙂

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