Our Trip Starts With Speed Bumps – The First Day [Summer2016]

Let the trip begin…

Packing up for the trip took quite a bit of time. I spent the whole day working on it and my wife helped as well.

End result: one fully loaded RV.

The next morning, my plan was to leave by around 9AM. Of course, with 2 kids and my wife, 9AM proved to be no more than a pipe dream. 😉 We pulled out around 10:30.

Everything went smoothly, until…

Well, here’s the video from Day 1:

We’ll see how things go today (Day 2).

The fridge worked normally all night. So, I have a theory…

It could be that it was getting some unsteady electrical current from the generator which was driving the refrigerator electronics crazy, including the recall box. Because, the one thing which was different this time was that we had the generator running almost the entire drive. Typically, we just travel with it off and the fridge on LP gas.

So, today, I’m going to try to manually force the refrigerator into LP mode so that the generator doesn’t affect it. And we’ll see if the fridge stays on today while we travel.

If that’s the case, we at least have a solution for now and can get rid of this damn portable fridge sitting in the hallway. 😉

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