[Day 19] RV Plumbing, Replacing The Shower Faucet

All this banging around on these northern roads has surfaced every little weakness this motorhome had. I don’t know the history of it before I bought it, but surely it hadn’t been used enough to bang out some of these problems.

Day 19 surfaced yet another plumbing issue. This time, a leak from the shower faucet.

It was leaking from below the faucet, where the water hose connects into it.

The issue became… where do you find an RV faucet around Quebec City? Well, luckily enough, there was an RV supply store just down the road from the KOA. And they happened to have several faucets to choose from. The guy running the place spoke barely any English at all, but I was able to pick up a model of faucet which would fit my rig. And do it in French. 😉

The job of replacing this thing should be super simple, but given the confined space, it was harder than it should be. But, I got it done.

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