[Day 9] Visiting Brighton Beach, Dealing With More RV Troubles

Another step backward, but then two steps forward. 🙂

Day 9 started off with the discovery of yet another problem with the motorhome. This time, the toilet was leaking. I woke up to do what people do in the morning and discovered wetness in the carpet around the RV toilet.

My reaction at the time: “You got to be ****king kiddin’ me!” 😉

(Hint: The good news is that this was pretty much the climax of mechanical issues for this trip and – truly – most of the rest of the trip went fine.)

Anyway, I instituted a “no toilet” rule for the family and set up a fan to dry out the carpet. Like the day before, we have family plans that I couldn’t break.

We hopped in the car and traveled out to Brighton Beach. Now, as Floridians, we had no real interest in their beach. However, my wife is Russian and she wanted to visit the Russian neighborhood which is pretty well known out in the Brighton Beach area.

We decided not to take the subway out. We thought the car would be easier. In all, it probably was. However, it wasn’t cheaper. We spent $23 just in tolls to drive from Liberty Harbor RV park, through Manhattan, through the tunnel, then out to Brighton Beach. It was a fun drive. It isn’t every day I drive around New York City.

The Russian area was cool. Russian signs everywhere. Russian people speaking Russian everywhere. And lots of Russian stores. I was last in Russia in 2006 and it’s amazing how much these businesses look just like the ones in the motherland. 🙂

But, back to the RV…

As soon as I dropped off the family back home, I took a trip out to Home Depot. I picked up some toilet hardware to hopefully fix that leak. I then drove off to an auto parts place and picked up a piece of fuel line and stuff to hopefully fix that generator fuel leak.

Back to the RV and I got busy…

Removed the toilet and inserted a new gasket beneath the toilet. Long story short, it seemed to do the trick.

Then I tackled that generator.

I trimmed off part of the old fuel line and replaced it with brand new line. I used a fuel line coupler to join the old and the new and… stopped that damn leak.

So, the day started off with a NEW problem, but ended with two less problems.

I ended the day with a drink in celebration. 😉

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