[Day 8] Visiting Natural History Museum in NYC, And Leaking Generator Fuel Lines (arrgh)

We took a trip into town and visited the Natural History Museum. A truly impressive place. Almost overwhelming. And it was BUSY, since we visited on a Saturday.

But, not gonna lie… I was distracted more than I would have liked while we were there. Why?

Because before heading over there, I had discovered the RV generator fuel line was leaking fuel onto the ground.

By this point, I was getting to the point of just shrugging and laughing at the problems this RV was throwing at me. First the fridge. Then the starter motor. Now the damn generator. And we were only a week into the trip!

When we parked at Liberty Harbor and I was plugging things in, I did smell a little bit of fuel. I took a look around the rig and I couldn’t find anything alarming. I figured it was one of the other motorhomes around me or perhaps just city smells. It wasn’t until the next morning that I discovered it was indeed me. While I was sitting outside having coffee, I noticed that fuel smell was still there. So, I went hunting around a bit and this time I saw a dark spot on the gravel right below my generator.


But, here I was, having discovered this new issue. My gas was leaking out on the ground. But, the family was all geared up and ready to take the subway into town. So, of course, we kept to our plans. But, I admit, I was distracted by it. Any downtime I had, I was on my iPhone searching around for various ways to solve this dilemma.

Anyway, the day went just fine. And I ended up crimping off the hose to stop the leak, but I ended day 8 without the problem solved.

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