[Day 0] Prepping To Leave For Our Summer 2016 Trip

The beginning of a daily video blog series from our Summer 2016 RV Trip.

This summer trip has us leaving Florida and heading up into New York City, upstate New York, Canada, Maine.. then returning to Florida. Total trip is 5 weeks.

We never did officially post the series here on the RVFT blog, so I’m going to bring all the videos here and post them daily in the order of our trip.

Day 0 was “prep day”.

We keep the rig in a storage facility a few miles from home. I always pick it up early before a longer trip, bring it over to the house and prep it up. In that case, we leave it in the driveway overnight.

Technically, our HOA gets a little moody about that. 😉 They have rules about storing RVs on our property – which makes total sense. Thing is, I’m not STORING it here. I’m leaving it here for one night so I can prep it. And… it’s my damn driveway. So, they can deal with it. 🙂

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