How We Afford It

How We Afford It

We do not currently travel full-time. However, we do spend 3-5 months per year in our motorhome. Also, we have no debt on the motorhome and paid cash for it. My income continues to roll in while we are traveling.

How do we do this?

The answer is online business.

I have been making my living online for 19 years now - and counting. The business has been generating over six-figures per year for close to 15 of those years. Income can ebb and flow and that's normal. But, it remains up in range where we're good. Give me a laptop and an internet connection and I can run my business from anywhere.

What Exactly I Do

Back in 1998, I started a technology blog. That site talked about building computers, how computers worked and doing upgrades. This was back when the internet wasn't clogged with such information and when computers were more of a "build it yourself" experience than today's laptops and iPads. I built that technology blog up into a six-figure business with multiple authors. I made money with online advertising, product sales, affiliate marketing and eventually a membership site.

Today, I no longer own that site. I finally sold it. But, in 2008, I founded a second site to begin teaching what I had just been doing for the prior 10 years.

That site is today the Blog Marketing Academy.​

At the Blog Marketing Academy I teach blog owners how to create an online business from scratch. I do this using a 5-phase plan I call The Roadmap (as seen to the right).

It is usually based around a blog, although that isn't a necessity. After all, the foundations of business don't necessarily include blogging, although blogging is an awesome marketing platform.​

Via the Academy, I make my living via the membership training area (recurring revenue) as well as some affiliate marketing.​

How I Can Help You

Helping others create online businesses is exactly what I do. In fact, I've been doing it for close to a decade now.

I have found that many young RV travelers look to start a blog. Many of them wish to create travel blogs and monetize those blogs. But, typically, they end up looking at the classic ways of monetizing blogs. Things like banner ads, affiliate links​ and the like.

My approach is completely different. It is about creating an actual business. And over the years, I have crafted a process of walking people through this that seems to work. It isn't based on hype or any "secret system" I "discovered" one day. It is simply based on fundamentals and doing things in a proven way, based on actual numbers.

Whether you want to monetize your expertise, run a service business, start a photography business, a video production business or any number of businesses which are friendly for life on the road... it can be powered via blogging and online marketing.

And once that's set up and you have that recurring revenue coming in, you're free to work anyplace you want. And isn't that the name of the game for us RV enthusiasts? :)​

Start Your Online Business From Scratch in 90 Days, 10 Steps.

The most popular free download from the Blog Marketing Academy is my 90 Day Online Business Plan. Grab your free copy now. Note that you will be subscribing to the Blog Marketing Academy email list, not RV Family Travel. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

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