My Class A motorhome had the original VOM78 monochrome backup monitor from Voyager, and it was failing. Here’s how I replaced it with a new LED monitor.

I’m not dead. COVID didn’t get me. I still own an RV. 😉 In fact, I’m doing just fine. But yes, it has now been over a year since I posted anything to this blog. And here I am breaking my silence. And letting you know what I’m thinking here with regard to HappilyRV.What Happened?Life happened. See, I own and

If you go out and search Google for using the RV as a mobile office, you’ll find a lot of different setups. But, one thing is most common… Most of them are full-timers. Obviously, when you LIVE in your RV, you’re going to have a mobile office. And certainly, there are some very creative RV

When we bought our HR Vacationer motorhome, it came with a washer/dryer combo machine. The old model was a Splendide 2000 WD802. The machine worked, but I could tell that the previous owner of our motorhome bought the machine secondhand. It was a bit dinged up, had some rust marks on it. When I had

This was our second year going to the RV Entrepreneur Summit put on by Heath and Alyssa.  We had a blast the first time we drove to Texas in March of 2018, so we decided to do it again.  This time the drive was shorter – Lake Guntersville, Alabama. We had a blast again, but

After some deliberation and brainstorming, I have decided to change our domain name (and brand) from RV Family Travel to Happily RV. From… to… I thought I would quickly explain why I made this change. RV Family Travel was a domain that my wife (Malika) registered one day without me being involved. It is actually

I have to admit… this is a wee bit embarrassing. The last post to this blog was back in August of 2018. About 8 months ago. In the middle of a pretty epic summer trip in the RV. I posted from Monument Valley. Then… nothing. It isn’t as if nothing happened after that. 🙂 Monument

We couldn’t come out west and not stop into Monument Valley. So, after Mesa Verde, that was our next stop. I had only scheduled 2 nights (one full day) to stay here, however. While the scenery is epic, truth is there isn’t a lot to do. There are some commercial tours if you like that

After a short hop from Durango, we planted the RV into the Mesa Verde RV Resort right outside the main entrance to Mesa Verde National Park. The RV park itself was pretty nice. It had a nice pool, 2 hot tubs. Even though I only used them once (since we had full hookups), but bathroom

As I write this post, we’re actually much further down the road in our trip. We got some catch-up to do. Blogging while you’re traveling is a tad harder than I thought. 🙂 Plus, I’ve got a business to run. Our first main stop was Durango, Colorado. After 10 straight days of driving, Durango was